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Episode 1 – How’d we get here?
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Episode 9- What’s your thing?

 “Chicks, dicks, chains, whips.” We’re taking a deep dive into kinks and some ways the lifestyle opened our minds to exploring new ones.

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Spin the Bottle

Episode 13- Game On!

Lifestyle games can break the ice, set the tone and turn up the heat! We talk some of our favorites and Heidi shares her thoughts on our first sexy game of Jenga!

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Episode 4- Who calls the shots?

Most couples defer to the wives to set the tone, move things along and even call a lot of the shots.  We discuss how and why we have moved away from this and what we have found works even better!

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Heidi and Rich

Quick little teaser for an about us section.  Maybe glossed over and then the link will take to an actual bio on us and who we are as a lifestyle couple.

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Spin the bottle


Come join our growing community of like-minded, sex positive people just like us and just like you!

A promise to you

We started our journey into the Lifestyle with a promise to one another to always be open, honest and genuine.  We’re committed to bringing the same to our listeners.  The good, the bad as well as the ups and downs.  We aren’t experts and certainly not professionals, nor do we claim to be.  However, we are and will always be an honest voice and resource as we share with you how we’ve managed to navigated this Lifestyle together.


We’re so glad you’ve chosen to listen in and join us on this amazing journey!

Jason Chapman

July 3rd

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